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Truth and Transparency

Truthfulness and transparency are essential elements of democratic government. 

There can be no trust between government and the people unless it is known by the people that when government speaks, it speaks the truth. 

Lies, half-truths, and dissembling have no place in official communications. Government has a duty of transparency and should allow access to information upon which people can judge the performance of those whom they have elected.

Accountability and Responsibility

Accountability lies at the heart of a fully-functioning democracy.

Members of the States are elected to take political decisions in the interests of the public whom they serve.

The independence of the civil service must be assured, so that officials can speak truth to power without inhibition, but the law and administrative rules should ensure that civil servants are accountable and that political power and responsibility rest with elected representatives.

Fairness and Tolerance

In politics there will always be disagreement, and freedom of speech within the law should be firmly defended. 

To prevent disagreement from sowing divisions, differing views should be listened to with tolerance, and people should, above all, treat each other with courtesy and kindness. That is a path to a fair, just and tolerant society.

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