The Jersey Liberal Conservatives pledge to:

  • Restore Confidence in Government by restoring political responsibility, good governance and the accountability of the civil service to Ministers, by being prudent with our finances, and by making Jersey’s government more effective, open, and responsive to the needs of Jersey people.
  • Reinvigorate the Economy by ensuring that all policy decisions support a thriving business community and sustainable economic growth. We will promote innovation and encourage digital business start-ups.
  • Manage Population Growth by developing policies to limit population growth, with the aim of having a stable working population in a balanced economy.
  • Protect the Environment by conserving the stunning beauty of Jersey’s natural assets, by managing sensibly the challenges of climate change, and by restoring the Island’s biodiversity.
  • Create Housing Solutions by providing more affordable homes to rent, by getting more people on the housing ladder through additional shared equity schemes, and by creating greater awareness of tenancy rights and obligations.
  • Create the Best Health Service which Jersey can afford, by focusing on the importance and value of frontline staff, by improving access to primary care, and by building a new hospital in the right place at the right cost.
  • Make Education a High Priority by investing in it and ensuring that all young people, regardless of background, can develop their talents to the full and enjoy fulfilling lives.