Our strategic aims for Jersey will determine our policy choices

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Work in exchange for a fair and just wage is a fundamental value.

Work brings self-respect, freedom, and prosperity.

Government has a duty to create an economic environment in which enterprise and innovation can flourish, where hard work and industry are rewarded, where home ownership is encouraged and supported, and where the rights of employees are protected.


An inclusive community, at ease with itself, is one where the rights of all are respected without discrimination on grounds of nationality, race, gender, religion, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

All those who have made their home in Jersey, and are committed to the Island’s well-being, are entitled to identify themselves as Jersey people. 

It is the role of government to ensure that everyone has access to equal opportunities in order to thrive.


Protection of the environment and the advancement of the economy are not conflicting aims.

Government should articulate clear and reasoned policies designed to ensure a sustainable balance between the Island’s economic and environmental interests; upon that balance depend so many other decisions vital to the future of Jersey.

Rule of law and autonomy

Jersey’s heritage, special character and prosperity depend upon the rule of law and the constitutional autonomy which has existed for more than 800 years.

Both should be resolutely defended.

Decisions affecting the people of Jersey should be made in Jersey by those accountable to the people of Jersey. That is the foundation of our democracy.

JLC Aims