What is the JLC?

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We are a group of socially liberal and fiscally conservative individuals. 

We are pro-business and we have a strong social conscience.

We stand for progress and innovation, as well as for the conservation of our environment and our cherished island culture.

We prefer a small government and a thriving voluntary sector. 

We are open and outward looking and wish to remain autonomous and independent.

We underpin our values on a shared purpose of creating an environment where every person has the opportunity to thrive. This can only be delivered through competent leadership based on the values of truth and transparency, accountability and responsibility, fairness and tolerance. 

We intend to lead Jersey into being a better place for everyone.

Why was the JLC incorporated?

The current political system is not working well and public confidence in it is at a low ebb. 

The government is composed of the Chief Minister and 11 other ministers, all elected by the States at the beginning of an electoral term. 

When appointed, the government (the Council of Ministers) has never placed its policies before voters at an election. 

After appointment, the Council of Ministers seeks to establish a set of policies which all Ministers will follow, but this is rather like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. Ministers often have different aspirations and pursue their own ideas rather than a coherent set of policies. Unsurprisingly, government often appears disjointed and inefficient. 

Voters are entitled to know what they are voting for before they cast their votes. They are also entitled to understand what their political representatives intend to do if elected to office, and what values they will apply to their decision-making. 

If you agree with this statement, and accept the values which are set out below, why not support our movement? 

Originally founded as the Jersey Liberal Conservatives movement, it has been converted into a political party, registered under the Political Parties (Registration) (Jersey) Law 2008, with a view to putting forward candidates in the June 2022 general election with a fully costed manifesto based on our Charter of Values and Aims.

We have already set out some of the ideas that will be part of that manifesto which you can read here.